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What we do in our
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Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing

The Efficient Growth Community allows members to share their experiences, ask questions, advice, and learn from one another. Members also get access to a weekly Efficient Growth Digest email newsletter, exclusive community resources, offers, and more.


Real-time best practices

Between expert knowledge from executive-level leaders to quick access to partners at companies like TikTok and Rockerbox, members can learn and get tips on various tools and platforms.


Networking with industry leaders

Members can engage in thought leadership, connect and grow their own network, and stay ahead of the curve with efficient growth marketing leaders.


Access to industry job opportunities

In tumultuous times, members get access to new job opportunities and referrals from existing community members.


Celebrate wins

Whether you’re launching a new product, winning an award at SXSW, or just started a new job, members can celebrate their success and share wins with a supportive, uplifting community.


Ask and offer community support

Working on a volunteer project? Want to get the community’s feedback on your new beta product? Members receive (and can offer) free support to help grow their skills, communication, and perspectives with like minded leaders.


Exclusive access to virtual and in-person networking opportunities

Stay in-the-know on trending industry topics, platform updates, and more. Connect with community members worldwide through webinars, live community discussions, and in-person networking events. 


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Who’s here

Agencies, executives, freelancers, brand leaders, tech partners, product managers, investors and data scientists, who all share a passion for efficient growth.

Been an amazing experience thus far. I'm so glad I joined the Growth Marketers slack group. Sometimes working solo and remote you can feel like an island. The group is welcoming and really wants to help when you need some input. I've made some great connections in the group and tell all my friends to join. So many smart people in one digital space!

Chris Safier, Director of Paid Search

The Growth Marketers community that Bamboo has created has filled a gap for my freelance marketing career. It has been a great resource for discussion & education and provides the opportunity to give or receive help. I am so glad to have found a positive, like minded community to connect with and add to my network. To some degree, it remedies the loneliness that freelancers/solopreneurs can experience from time to time.

Melissa Bigknife, Freelance Social Media Specialist

I've loved being a part of the Growth Marketers Slack group!  It is an amazing braintrust of all things media, growth and martech.  There has not been a single question I've posed where I haven't seen thoughtful responses and great ideas...the hive marketing mind at its finest!  Plus, I've reconnected with some great folks from past lives that I haven't caught up with in a while.  Whether you are FTE or freelancer, I can't recommend joining the group enough!

John Rospenda, Growth Consultant and Founder of Ton80 Consulting

Joining the Growth Marketers Slack community has been a game changer for me. The community is filled with a diverse, friendly and knowledgeable group of performance marketers who are always willing to lend a hand. Any question I've asked has received quick and useful responses. If you're looking to level up your growth marketing skills, this is the place to be!

Michael Himelstein, Director of Paid Growth at BairesDev

Seriously love the community, I probably check this slack daily just to read updates and save great content!

Christine Myer, VP Sales & Marketing at IoT SaaS startup

I just got this week's newsletter  wanted to thank you once again for inviting me to this community.

Jermaine Lopez-Williams, Director of Digital Strategy

Who’s in the Efficient Growth Community?

A diverse group of brand, agency, and tech leaders from places like SeatGeek, Adobe, Rockerbox, Meta, Glossier, Roku and more. 📈

The Efficient Growth Community is hosted by Bamboo, The Efficient Growth Agency.

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Some simple
house rules

We’re a no-selling community

We really focus on genuine connection vs. cold DMs and trying to gather leads. Use this platform to build long-lasting relationships!

Be kind, helpful, and participate

Thoughtfully contribute to conversations and don't be afraid to ask questions! We're all about adding value and knowledge sharing with one another here.

Have fun!

Get ready to learn and connect! We’re so excited to have you join the community.