Efficient Growth: Building, Scaling, and Thriving as Solopreneurs

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For many, the shift from a full-time role to a freelance or consulting career promises increased agency, greater earnings potential, and success in new ventures and opportunities. 

Our recent Efficient Growth Community Chat, Efficient Growth: Building, Scaling, and Thriving as Solopreneurs”, featured two Efficient Growth members, Alyssa Knechthouse, Brand Strategist and Founder of Lysshouse and Kristin Rupert, Creative Strategist and Consultant, who shared their advice and resources for anyone looking to make the jump to freelancing and consulting entrepreneurship.

  1. Self-educate and network in various communities: Communities can be valuable beyond just finding new client acquisition or projects; they can be great learning resources. Kristin shared that, “despite “being on your own,” freelancers seem to be much more apt to provide guidance and support to peers.”
  2. Pricing and contacts: Research your market, specifically clarify terms in your contracts, and adjust your pricing with your experience. When considering raising rates for old/existing clients, Alyssa said, “Raising prices will often cause old clients to fall off. Embrace this new level of business and clients.
  3. Set clear contract expectations with your clients, choose and align on your role (employee or partner), trust your instincts, communicate thoroughly, and maintain project control. Alyssa recommends over-communicating on project timelines, delivery and revision expectations, and communication expectations (how do they contact you?).

Kristin recommends Collective, a comprehensive financial solution for solopreneurs that covers accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, S Corp formation, and tax support at an affordable rate. Use the code "KristinRupert" for a free first month. Alyssa prepared multiple downloadables and resources for freelancers and consultants at lysshouse.com/freelance

To learn more from Alyssa and Kristin on how you can start or optimize your freelance/consulting journey, watch the full recording below.