Efficient Growth Wins: Tips & Tactics for Q4 (and Beyond)

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​Q4 and the yearly holiday season presents both challenges and opportunities, but with new ideas and proven tactics from colleagues in your network who have seen recent efficient growth wins, you can be prepared for success and new learnings. 

We recently hosted a Community Chat, “Efficient Growth Wins: Tips & Tactics for Q4 (and Beyond)”, where Efficient Growth members from companies like Hexclad, Ka’Chava, Hipcamp, Talk360, ByzFunder, Honeylove, and more, came together to share their recent wins, tactics, and strategies to help spark ideas for as we approach the crucial Q4 holiday season.

We kicked off by asking all of our speakers: What are 1-2 recent wins you’re proud of and how did they come to be? 

Katie Hanna, Director of Retention at Ka’Chava, shared “one thing for us month over month, is reducing churn and increasing subscriber base. We’ve really done that looking at two ends of the spectrum. At one end prioritizing SMS and MMS marketing, we’ve worked on building up that list and building up our strategy leveraging text messages. We’ve also introduced direct mail and have automated direct mail especially for churned subscribers so that we could address concerns and bring them back into the fold.”

Andrew Windle, Director of Retention at Hexclad, shared that at Hexclad, “we’ve been doing a bunch of offer testing ahead Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM). I’ve always been of the school of thought to have all testing done by then... Minimize moving parts and learn as much as I can about what I should be doing and what I should be messaging during that time (BFCM).” 

Naquita Pastor, Director, DIgital Marketing at Byzfunder, said that “success has been deeply rooted in multi-channel marketing for Byzfunder. Everything is working together, including organic SEO. Being a smaller company, we don’t have a marketing budget. How do I create  success out of something that is not there? I really saw success with organic SEO.” 

To listen to more wins from our brilliant panel of speakers, discover some helpful tips, creative ideas and approaches for holiday season planning, and more, watch the full recording below. Enjoy!