Top Early Stage DTC Marketing Agencies According to the Efficient Growth Community

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If you’re considering bringing on an agency, it can be difficult to determine who is the right fit based on your goals and growth stage. Our agency, Bamboo, focuses on growing tech clients at every stage and larger scale commerce clients, but we often get asked for recommendations on the best agencies for smaller DTC clients.

We asked our community for recommendations and assembled this curated list of top early stage DTC marketing agencies, showcasing their unique services, industry verticals, and what sets them apart from the competition. Note: These agencies are organized alphabetically, not based on agency priority. 


adQuadrant is a full-funnel performance marketing agency that emphasizes goal-focused strategy. They have top-tier partnerships with contemporary tech platforms, manage paid media platforms agnostically for short-term efficiency with long-term value in mind, and offer complete creative generation from ideation to optimization iteration. adQuadrant builds long-term relationships with their clients, focusing on long-term brand success and growth, and helping clients achieve their goals years down the line.

Batch Creative

Batch Creative offers performance creative services for brands of all sizes and at various stages of their journey. They excel in creative services, addressing a common challenge for smaller customers.

Black Compass Digital

Black Compass Digital excels in helping DTC/Ecommerce brands expand on Amazon, using unique scaling strategies to turn Amazon into a 7+ figure channel. Their founder's extensive experience in Amazon in particular and their dedication to serving both large and emerging brands distinguish them.


Cave. focuses on scaling CPG and eCommerce brands through paid and organic social media. Their niche is in the health and wellness industry, supporting both DTC programs and retail velocity. With 12 years of experience, Cave. excels in paying attention to the subtle campaign details that can make or break success.

Conversion Engine

Conversion Engine specializes in helping DTC brands grow from 7 to 8 figures using paid ads, email marketing, and SMS. They prioritize profitable growth and results for their clients. Their focus on caring about their clients' growth, diving into client numbers for profitability, and maintaining a hunger for continuous improvement set them apart.


Digitorm is an eCommerce marketing agency serving small to mid-sized eComm brands in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Their vertical focus includes Ads, email marketing, Shopify store setup, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Digitorm's team conducts all work in-house, ensuring the delivery of high-quality services.

Frontline Growth

Frontline Growth has been working with early-stage e-commerce companies in the UK and the US for the past 8 years. Their services include paid social and paid search management, landing page optimization, and creative production. They primarily cater to the beauty, drink, and healthtech verticals. Frontline Growth adapts its work style to the fast pace of early-stage clients, working directly with founders or the first marketing hire. They focus on quick ad implementation, transparent pricing, and flexible contracts, emphasizing market fit and scaling.

JXT Group

JXT Group specializes in Google Ads and Facebook Ads for small businesses, offering a personal and results-driven approach. They are known for their commitment to making things happen for their clients.

Lilo Social

Lilo Social is a full-funnel growth agency specializing in eCommerce brands. Their services encompass paid media, creative, landing pages, and email marketing. They've worked with notable clients like Bauer, Thesis, Cheribundi, and Bearaby. Lilo Social operates with small growth pods led by senior experts, ensuring a personalized approach and frequent client interactions.

Lunar Solar Group

Lunar Solar Group is a globally recognized growth consultancy, technology studio, and full-service digital marketing agency. They specialize in solving complex growth challenges and building brands through innovative strategies, proprietary technology, channel expertise, and flawless execution. Their services include customer acquisition, technology-enabled retention and loyalty building, commerce studio for e-commerce experiences, and data-driven creative production. Lunar Solar Group stands out by not only driving online traffic but also providing proprietary technology to assist brands with their retail presence. They offer a full in-house web development team focused on cutting-edge landing pages and ongoing Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

McKee Creative

McKee Creative relieves e-commerce founders of their marketing responsibilities, covering paid, organic, email, blogs, and SEO. Clients only need to provide content, and the agency handles the rest. McKee Creative's "we've got your back" attitude ensures that all aspects of marketing work harmoniously together, creating a seamless experience for clients.


MediaBound is a digital marketing agency driven by a passion for helping businesses grow and excel online. They offer a full-service approach, specializing in crafting and executing effective campaigns across platforms such as Meta, TikTok, and Google Ads. Their team consistently delivers tangible results, including increased website traffic, lead generation, sales growth, and enhanced brand awareness. MediaBound's strength lies in their collaborative approach, working closely with clients to understand their unique needs and develop customized strategies. They cater to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations, and prioritize exceptional service and support.

Mega Digital

Mega Digital specializes in TikTok and Google Ads, offering whitelist Agency Ads Accounts for rent, performance advertising solutions, and consultation services. They work across various industries. Mega Digital provides unique solutions for handling ads accounts, including transferring suspended credit to new ones without charges, appealing ad rejections, and offering exclusive pre-approval assistance.

Online Impact

Online Impact specializes in profitably and sustainably scaling DTC eCommerce brands across various verticals. Their services include paid social and paid search management, performance creatives, and creator sourcing and management. Online Impact aims to provide large-level agency services and expertise at a fraction of the price, offering an intimate partnership with brands focused on performance, profitability, and communication.

Search Nurture

Search Nurture is a boutique advertising agency that specializes in helping eCommerce and retail businesses grow their revenue and improve their profits. Their services include search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on platforms like Google, Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart, as well as social media ads and content marketing. They build strong relationships based on trust, open communication, and collaboration with a focus on creating a growth momentum through their strategies and providing clear results and digestible data.

Soulwave Digital

Soulwave Digital is an advertising agency that helps health and wellness eCom brands scale with Facebook ads. Their services include Facebook ads management, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and consulting. Soulwave Digital offers free advertising audits for qualified brands and provides dedicated attention to each client with a small team of 3 senior ad managers. They maintain consistent communication via Slack channels, weekly reporting, and a strong focus on the health and wellness eCom vertical.

StarTok Social

StarTok Social is a creative-focused content agency, specializing in ad creation. They work with eCom and DTC brands and are dedicated to providing guidance and direction to smaller-sized businesses. Their boutique agency approach ensures attentive service and tailored solutions for clients.

Surge Agency

Surge Agency specializes in paid media strategy and email/sms marketing. They cater to clients with monthly budgets ranging from $0 to $150K, offering services in Paid Media, Paid Search, Email, and SMS marketing. What sets Surge Agency apart is their commitment to direct 1:1 support, ensuring clients can reach them anytime for assistance. With a 96% client retention rate over the last 18 months, their impressive performance and growth for clients stand out.

We Love Monday

We Love Monday focuses on consulting and management of paid media campaigns. They bring a unique pricing and workflow approach to their services. We Love Monday stands out with its unique pricing and workflow model, offering a distinct approach to managing paid media campaigns.

598 Los Angeles

598 Los Angeles has been exclusively focused on DTC marketing for the past 3 years. Their services encompass Meta Ads, TikTok Ads, Google Ads, and Email Marketing. With a team of 6, they maintain a lean operation for efficient client communication. 598 Los Angeles has retained the same team for 3 years, allowing them to grow their team members' skill sets. They emphasize data-driven campaign scaling and creative testing, are bilingual for targeting multiple markets efficiently, and incorporate AI into their operations.

These early-stage DTC marketing agencies all bring unique strengths and approaches to the table, helping businesses across industries achieve growth and success in the digital landscape. If you’re interested in connecting with any agencies listed above, we recommend reaching out directly via their website to get started.

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Top Early Stage DTC Marketing Agencies According to the Efficient Growth Community

Our agency, Bamboo, focuses on growing tech clients at every stage and larger scale commerce clients, but we often get asked for recommendations on the best agencies for smaller DTC clients. We asked our community for recommendations and assembled this curated list of top early stage DTC marketing agencies, showcasing their unique services, industry verticals, and what sets them apart from the competition.

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