The Efficient Growth Community's Favorite AI Marketing Tools in 2023

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools continue to emerge as game-changers for marketers, saving them time, effort, and money. 

Simon Whitcombe, VP, Global Business Group at Meta said, "As a performance marketer, AI is about simplifying what is possible in these roles, taking time away from building campaigns allows marketers to unlock their inner genius.” 

Our community members shared some of their favorite AI tools for incorporating into their daily work:

Scott Kaplan shared Deep Learning as an amazing resource to learn those skills through hands-on exercises and short courses. 

Samet Durgun from GrowthTherapist shared that AudioPen is a fantastic tool to help him turn “any messy thought into something digestible”. 

Seth Killian shared his favorite tools, Midjourney and ChatGPT. He posts every weekday on LinkedIn and uses ChatGPT to edit his posts, then has the tool tell him the main themes. ChatGPT writes prompts for Midjourney based on the themes identified, then Seth goes into Midjourney to generate images. Utilizing these tools for creative and copy development saves him time.

Tyler Durman, CEO of Ignition Growth Consulting, shared one of his favorite tools for dissecting insights from large datasets, Fuzy. He mentioned that “their core value prop is about taking product analytics data from stuff like Amplitude, Mixpanel, Pendo, etc. and connecting it with revenue or transactional data in systems like Salesforce, Stripe, etc and showing you which user actions correlate with business outcomes like activation, retention, closed won business, transactions, etc.” 

Christina Pryka mentioned Descript is her favorite tool for its audio and video editing capabilities. She shared that she’s used it since 2021 and the features just keep getting better.

More than 80% of industry experts are already integrating some form of AI technology into their online marketing activities. We hope you enjoy some of our community favorites.